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The original living quarters of the housekeepers, smaller in size and more modest, were reformed in order to install the offices of direction and management of the Patronato Municipal Huerta de San Vicente, as well as the visitor reception area, the shop and the rest rooms.

Understood as a cultural experience, a visit to the House-Museum is not just the act of entering a physical and symbolic space for its contemplation. For this reason, visitors enter in reduced groups, accompanied by a guide, for approximately 30 minutes. Depending on the visitor´s particular characteristics and interests, the guide offers information related to the furnishings, the works of art and decorative objects, the history of the Huerta de San Vicente, the life and works of Federico García Lorca, and the historic and cultural context of the time period.

The House-Museum has two separate areas open to the public: the Rooms, and the Exhibition Hall.

the rooms    

The Entry, Piano Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, and Bedroom of Federico García Lorca make up the Rooms; they contain furniture, utensils, and original floors and decor, aside from works by contemporary artists such as Salvador Dalí, Rafael Alberti, Rafael Barradas, Manuel Ángeles Ortiz, Hermenegildo Lanz and Santiago Ontañón, among others.

exhibition hall

Without modifying the original interior structure, the Exhibition Hall takes up the space of three rooms upstairs, which in their day were a bathroom and the bedrooms of different family members. The space reserved for art expositions consists of 37 square meters, with 38.5 linear meters of wall space and 11 meters of glass. This room offers, since 1995, two types of displays: Temporary Exhibitions and Permanent Exhibits, the latter comprising a significant and valuable selection of drawings, manuscripts and original photographs of Federico García Lorca that are the historic property of the Patronato Municipal Huerta de San Vicente, along with a collection of original figures made by Federico García Lorca for the short play (entremés) La cueva de Salamanca, based on the original work by Miguel de Cervantes, and represented by the theatrical company La Barraca in 1932.

The Federico García Lorca Foundation has permanently loaned a considerable proportion of outstanding works, pertaining to different creative periods of the poet. Among them are early manuscripts of the books of poetry Poeta en Nueva York (A poet in New York), Romancero gitano, Sonetos del amor oscuro, Diván del Tamarit and Canciones, and the works in prose "El poema de la carne", "Cómo canta una ciudad de noviembre a noviembre", Impresiones y paisajes.

The drawings on display offer a very wide selection of the collection of the Federico García Lorca Foundation, grouped into the creative periods 1924-25, 1927-28 and 1929-31.

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